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Welcome to Giulietta Register's archives

Welcome to the Digital Archive of the Giulietta Register. Here you will find all issues up to this year, from the first issue in 1979. Issue 1, October/November 1979, handwritten by Tony Stevens, reports on a meeting of 24 owners he organised that year to revive the Giulietta Register. Several of the owners in a list circulated in that first newsletter are still stalwarts of the Giulietta Register today.

These publications are not only a fascinating record of the activities and development of the Register and the people who made it happen, they also contain a treasure trove of technical information which can be highly relevant for those repairing or restoring these cars today. Diligent searching will uncover information on past owners and work undertaken on specific cars which could be helpful in filling gaps in the history and provenance of some of the cars we are still driving and enjoying.

You can easily browse the Digital Archive or you can search it using the search tool to look for specific words or phrases. Choose to show the results by the issue, the article, or the page in which the word or phrase occurs.

The Digital Archive is a work in progress which in time will be expanded to a digital repository of Giulietta and Giulia related materials, documents, historical photographs, movies and videos held by Register Members. So please contact Giulietta Register Archivist, David Roberts (, if you have any material that could be digitally copied and made accessible to all Register Members in this way.

You are urged to explore and enjoy the richness of this archive. The Archivist would welcome your comments and any constructive suggestions for improvements.

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